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Old San Juan

Old San Juan Segway Excursion

Discover Old San Juan in this fun and earth friendly tour as you roll your way through the city on this electric vehicle. Make sure you dress light, and bring your tennis shoes. 2 hours.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

  • $100 p/p for 2 hours
  • No Transportation Provided (GUESTS NEEDS TAXI OR UBER)

Bacardi / Old San Juan City Shopping

Sample complimentary rum drinks at the world famous Bacardi Rum Plant to stroll your way back in time through their interactive exhibit and walk through a recreation of Bacardi’s first distillery to see how their signature drinks got started. Don’t leave before buying some spirits and goodies at their gift shop. Then, head to Old San Juan for a well deserved shopping-spree!

  • $73 p/p 
  • Transportation included

Casa Melaza Old San Juan Walking Tour

Enjoy a Historical walk starting from the famous Plaza Colon in Old San Juan, Strolling up to the San Cristobal Castle, Fort El Morro, Ballaja, then heading down Cristo Street until we reach the Casa Melaza Rum Boutique for authentic Rum, Coffee and Crafts

Don’t pass this one up!

  • $65 p/p 
  • No Transportation Provided (GUESTS NEEDS TAXI OR UBER)

Flavors of San Juan

Get an exclusive taste of local food, rum and coffee in the most memorable restaurants. We get you away from the tourist traps to discover the history, the sweet secrets, and the savory enclaves that “San Juaneros’’ call home. This is a full lunch progressively eaten over three restaurants. No rushed samples.

  • $99 p/p
  • No Transportation Provided (GUESTS NEEDS TAXI OR UBER)